Taking care of trees is not an easy job! Just like training up a child, young trees need proper care & attention so that later on it will grow to be strong and healthy and be able to withstand the storms that may come their way. While some tree jobs are small and simple, others can be large and dangerous, which would be unwise if handled by the inexperienced. In such a situation, calling a professional is always the best option.
Tree pruning is the practice of maintaining the tree’s natural shape and health of the tree by removing the decayed, diseased and unwanted branches. It seems to be an easy task to do but is not so. A little mistake can cause a big problem. If hiring an unprofessional, improper pruning may affect the trees health and may cause the tree to grow improperly which may have consequences to its structure, and risk of damage to the people or property around it.
You shouldn’t take the risk, it would be wiser to hire an arborist who is certified, licensed, and insured. A professional is well-versed in experience & knowledge relating to tree work and is able to tackle situations like trimming or removing trees near structures, fences, difficult areas, etc. He knows how and which tool to use keeping everyone’s safety in mind and the customer’s property intact.