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Root Barrier Installation

Root barriers

Root Barrier Installation

Installation of root barriers is a good deterrent to help prevent roots from causing damage to driveways, walkways, etc. Our machinery creates a thin trench which allows us to install the root barrier, which helps to prevent roots from entering into unwanted areas.

Key facts about root barriers and benefits to installing one:

Helps prevent roots from damaging your driveway or walkway, etc.
Allows you to keep your trees, shrubs, and other plant material that may cause aggressive, damaging, or unwanted roots

First, a trench is dug to the desired depth. Then, a membrane is installed inside the trench in order to block or deflect the roots away from structures, pavement, septic, pipes, drains, etc., that the roots can potentially cause damage to.

This is a great alternative to removing a tree due to root damage or as a preventative measure after installing a newly planted tree with potential root problems to nearby structures or utilities.


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