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Emergency Tree Service / Preventive Tree Care
Storms and high winds can cause limbs or entire trees to fall. Storm-damaged trees can pose a serious safety risk to your home, car, or other trees or structures on your property. Trees or limbs that break or fall at times may be sudden and unavoidable but in other circumstances it may be preventable. Trees that haven’t been pruned for long periods of time may pose a safety risk simply because the trees/branches may become too heavy or unstable, and this can result in tree or branch failure. Diseased trees may also pose a risk for tree or branch failure. No one can predict what a tree will do with 100% certainty, but to help prevent property damage from occuring due to storms, high winds, lack of pruning maintenance, or disease, we recommend you consult with a Certified Arborist.

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Professional Tree Service

Trees can be beneficial to us and our environment in many ways, one of the most important things trees do is provide oxygen for us to breath. Trees can also add beauty and shade to your home or business, but proper tree care is essential. Let us keep your trees properly maintained with professional tree service, which can add value to your property.

The Branch in San Marcos and Escondido, California, offers a full range of arborist services: Tree Trimming, Pruning/Safety Prune, Thinning/Lacing, Shaping, Crown Reduction/Restoration, Tree Removal, Root Barriers, Hedge Trim/Removal, Stump Grinding, Brush Chipping, Landscaping Services, Thorough Cleanup, and Free Mulch & Wood.

1. Trimming/Pruning

2. Tree Removal

3. Stump Removal

4. Root Barrier Installation

5. Brush Chipping

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Stump Removal